About Us

With the view of empowering organizations and industries in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) age, Informatics commenced operations in 1983. Informatics which has annexed an eminent position by being a pioneer in Sri Lanka’s IT sector, hosts some of the most cost effective and productive software solutions that include products and services for sectors such as telecommunications, banking, insurance, automobile, border control and defence.

Informatics which has today branched out to the international domain by having its presence in several Asian, African and Pacific Island regions, won the praise and trust of several commercial and industrial heavyweights in and outside the region.

Informatics offers numerous solutions catered to increasing the efficiency and operating functionality of any business or organization by taking scalability and flexibility into account. Thanks to years of experience gained through projects in many regions and a consolidated base of partners situated throughout the world, we have accumulated a robust portfolio of successful projects.

By utilizing flexible and innovative technologies we aim to provide our past, current and potential clients with services that can enhance their businesses through means such as integration, solution development and consultations.

For nearly 30 years, our excellence and reputation as a highly-skilled IT provider, both locally and internationally, has been duly recognized by Informatics winning many prestigious industry awards and certifications. Informatics’s Software and Services was awarded the SEI CMMi Level 3 certification and ISO 9001:2008 software quality certifications. As part of our efforts to promote a low carbon economy, Informatics was awarded the Carbon Neutral Certification for our diligent efforts in practicing sustainable management.

Our success has spurred Informatics to strive towards even greater heights.  At Informatics, we have most often surpassed client expectation and have maintained the consistent trend of pioneering and empowering.


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