The Info Communicator is your most effective communication management tool that is used to manage internal and external communication which is also capable of executing messaging campaigns. It can be utilized in any environment and is ideally used for two way communication between two entities such as a business and its respective subscribers.

Ideally the Info Communicator can be directed towards employee and customer communication allowing information in the form of promotions and feedback to be accumulated in a single locality with relative ease. Its application and practicality allows almost any user with the appropriate authorization to send information in the form of a SMS, Email or voice message to an individual or group of contacts within the Info Communicator database.

The Info Communicator is the preferred choice of communication management tool for small to medium and enterprise level business organizations which primarily depend on making internal and external communication a simple task that can be managed through a single terminal.

The Info Communicator utilizes a simple interface that provides a sequential based process for sending messages, reducing the margin for error. The Info Communicator’s ability to double as a campaigning tool makes it a worthwhile and versatile tool for marketing purposes.

Its innate two way communication methodology allows a user to create dialogues within the target demography by allowing information to be passed and retrieved. Using this methodology it is possible to measure the effectiveness of the campaign and judge the overall success rate of a particular campaign.

The Info Communicator is host to several core features that set it apart from similar software solutions available on the market

  • Contact management – Using organized structures allowing team and division demarcation
  • Two way SMS – Allows users to send and receive messages
  • Email, SMS and Voice Messaging – Allows users to send information through any of these three forms of messaging
  • Role based security – Allowing micro and macro control of the system and its users
  • Universal SMS Gateway Compatibility – Configurable with almost any SMS gateway allowing partitioned software packages
  • Customizable Report generation – Allowing data to be customized and presented in a manner desired by the user
  • Tracking – Users are able to track sent messages for survey and research purposes
  • Password Polices
  • External System Integration – Compatible with external systems for collaboration purposes

Feature Comparison

Feature Standard Edition Enterprise Edition
Company Profile  Feature Available  Feature Available
User Management  Feature Available  Feature Available
Contacts  Feature Available  Feature Available
Contact Groups  Feature Available  Feature Available
Message Templates  Feature Available  Feature Available
Mailing Lists  Feature Available  Feature Available
Message Scheduling  Feature Available  Feature Available
Reporting  Feature Available  Feature Available
Password Change  Feature Available  Feature Available
SMS Response Capturing  Feature Available  Not Available


If the customer already owns an SMS gateway, InfoCommunicator can be integrated with it accordingly. However, we at Informatics would be willing to propose our SMS gateway integrated with the InfoCommunicator as a communication suite for the customer.


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