What Air Travel Will Look Like in the Post-Pandemic World
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What Air Travel Will Look Like in the Post-Pandemic World

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With all the trouble that COVID-19 has presented, travel around the world has become a lot more restrictive. From quarantine procedures to straight-up travel bans, those needing to fly to different countries have been faced with a lot of challenges. However, things are not as bad as they might seem.

Thanks to the pandemic, a new light has been shed on existing procedures that may help to create a more passenger-friendly experience for those travelling by air. In fact, it will change the face of the industry, and in this article, we will tackle what air travel might look like in a post-pandemic world:

1. Everything mobile

With social-distancing protocols and other safety measures implemented around the world, people expect to have the capacity to do everything on their mobile phones. As such, you should also facilitate biometrics enrollment by using mobile apps and more.

For passengers, heading to the nearest kiosk to have the application installed for a biometrics application will become the norm. This allows the journey to becoming contactless, with everything done from a biometric standpoint, such as purchasing souvenirs.

2. Contactless journey

To continue what was spoken of above, efforts to create contactless procedures allow the ultimate contactless journey. There are already many systems to implement this idea, such as social distancing, the elimination of food and beverages, and separate seat arrangements.

Current technologies have made such journeys possible to keep travellers safe every step of the way. With the introduction of new technologies like self-service kiosks, artificial intelligence, mobile apps, and more, these procedures can be improved to keep the travelling experience safe.

3. Biometric identification

As we have mentioned, biometric identification will be one of the main highlights of any travelling experience. When you are travelling, your identity is what is most important to many airports. After all, security is maintained by knowing who is who. With various biometric identification systems in place, such as SelfPass, users no longer have to keep presenting their IDs.

The moment they enter the airport, they can be identified all the way to their exit destination. This leads to a smooth and worry-free travelling experience that people long for when they travel far and wide.


The pandemic exposed inefficiencies and even unforeseen risks in current procedures. Fortunately, new procedures are being implemented every day to create a safer and more private travelling experience. In fact, with so much success with these implementations, it is safe to say that these procedures will stay and become the norm even when the pandemic is over.

For travellers around the world, the ultimate contactless journey is no longer just a dream. It is a reality, and with better technologies around the corner, the ability to travel worry-free is becoming a reality. For airports, the journey of implementing these technologies will be a long and arduous one. However, it is an investment worth making, and with happier passengers, more and more people will travel.

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Written by Daniele Paoletti