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We congratulate Informatics Management and Staff for their successful journey through these 35 years. As a long-standing customer using the AvaBill Suite of Software for Telecoms, we are thankful to the Informatics team for the comprehensive product, extensive service and support provided to us over a decade. Through these years AvaBill solution has contributed to the growth of our Business and Service journey in delivering telecom services to the people of American Samoa. We wish Informatics great success and long years of progress!

The journey and longstanding partnership between Informatics International Ltd and Bluesky Samoa Limited (then traded as SamoaTel) started in 2007. Bluesky Samoa Limited is a quad-play telecommunications provider in Samoa. Bluesky provides Mobile, Fixed-line, Broadband and IP TV services and is currently dominant in 8 out of 9 markets in Samoa. Bluesky is also co-dominant in the mobile market.

In the telecommunication industry, the ability to evolve with the market demands has always been a challenge; and with the over 12 years of longstanding partnership, Informatics has been able to provide technical support, system upgrades and facilitated many of our change requests.

We have found Informatics being customer driven and their flexibility of providing solutions for us has always been a strong point.

While the journey in telecom business has not always been smooth sailing, however, with our partnership, we have been able to develop a strong relationship with the Informatics team and they have been instrumental in providing innovative solutions, thus Informatics AvaBill has been integral part of Bluesky’s success in Samoa.

Act. Country Manager, Bluesky Samoa Limited

Informatics InfoIns software enabled Inspac to project itself into the rapidly changing digital age and provide opportunities for us to communicate better, and faster with our customers and offer them a superlative “Customer Service”, second to none. The ‘end-to-end’ solution will future proof us in a very competitive market for years to come

CEO, Inspac