InfoIns secures maiden Insurance client in PNG
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InfoIns secures maiden Insurance client in PNG

With the successful implementation InfoIns solution at Inspac PNG Ltd, this initiative will enhance the IT innovation within the Insurance Industry of PNG.

Having embarked on a project of this nature, Inspac PNG intends to replace their existing system with the comprehensive InfoIns system which is an end-to-end solution, thereby streamlining their business operations. The solution will contain a host of modules such as Underwriting, Sales & Marketing and Commissioning, Receipting, Claims, Payments and Reinsurance. The initiative will also enable Inspac PNG to provide an enhanced service to their customer base which will not only be qualitatively better but will additionally be supported by speedy customer service levels.

Deployment of the InfoIns solution will provide Inspac PNG the added ability to cater to future demands through customization and thereby gain a competitive edge over other Industry players. Furthermore, the flexibility to add various value-added solutions such as Customer Self Care, Workflow Management, DMS, Mobile Apps, Kiosks etc. in the future will be an added benefit to Inspac PNG, when working with InfoIns and Informatics teams.