Informatics becomes certified Cisco Select Partner
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Informatics becomes certified Cisco Select Partner

Informatics (Pvt) Ltd was recently awarded the privilege of becoming a Cisco Select Certified Partner within the Indian Sub-Continent.

The partnership between Informatics and Cisco which was awarded on 15, April is granted to IT entities that have shown diligence and the ability to support, maintain and sell Cisco supported IT solutions within the Indian Sub-Continent.

Cisco solutions can be utilized in multiple demographics, having been used in the automotive, education and energy industries amongst many other sectors. Cisco has allowed enterprise level networks and collaboration tools to be sold in numerous regions enabling small to large scale business entities to achieve efficient networking and communication.

The Cisco Select Certification is an accreditation that is provided for the sellers of Cisco solutions that are aimed at small to medium scale businesses. Furthermore, a Cisco reseller can also achieve the Cisco Select Certification via express security specialization.

As a certified partner of Cisco solutions, Informatics (Pvt) Ltd will now be able to increase their customer demographics significantly via branding that is afforded by Cisco for all its certified partners.

Additional benefits of the Cisco partner programme include Cisco VIP express, opportunity investment programme, partner education connection and financing programmes provided through Cisco capital.

With recent Cisco partnership, Informatics will now be able to provide their current and new clients with a greater range of collaboration and connectivity tools allowing a more fluid and robust framework to be developed within any small to medium scale business regardless of the industry within which the business resides.

Previously, Informatics has successfully implemented several Cisco products. Amongst some of the major projects undertaken, Informatics was involved in implementing the Cisco ASA 5510 Firewall at the Bandaranaike International Airport for Sri Lanka’s Department of Immigration and Emigration.