Informatics conducts forum on Oracle Cloud for Government Sector
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Informatics conducts forum on Oracle Cloud for Government Sector

Informatics Group, a key strategic partner for Oracle Cloud Solutions in Sri Lanka, held one of the many forums planned this week for some of the leading government organisations in the country to educate them on their latest solutions, ‘Oracle Cloud Services’.

This solution is a comprehensive, flexible and has cost-effective suite of cloud applications that extends Oracle’s Cloud presence with a secure offering built specifically for the government sector.

The Oracle Cloud comprises of a framework designed to provide government agencies more agility and options as they manage operations and deliver constituent services. It extends the Power and Security of Oracle’s Industry-leading, Mission-Critical, End-to-End Engineered Systems and Software Solutions to the Cloud and offers the Best-in-Class, Integrated Capabilities across multiple service options–including Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Database as a Service (DaaS) and many more on the Oracle Service Cloud—as well as Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud deployment models. Providing a complete, open suite of innovative integrated capabilities that extend cloud offerings to real mission-critical environments, it enables more control and visibility over security, service levels, functionality and government regulatory compliance.

Hence, the government sector entities will now be able to enjoy a host of benefits through this solution that include the ability to streamline a breadth of business processes in the ministries, from financial and human resources management to customer service, project management and especially overall citizen services. The Cloud also complies with the demanding and unique public sector security and operational requirements, whilst proving extreme performance and scalability needed to run mission-critical, government-specific solutions.

Informatics (Pvt.) Ltd Head of Public Sector Ruwini Weliwita said, “The government entities can improve their operational efficiency and enhance their service delivery which in turn will empower them to maximize public value by responding faster to constituent needs. This will help government agencies improve citizen services and experiences and overcome budget cuts and rising costs, deliver more innovation, reduce escalating operational costs, enable process improvement and service levels.”

Speaking of the overall solution capability, Informatics Group Managing Director Hiran Wickramasinghe said, “Government entities can leverage many services through Cloud Enablement at much lesser cost. The Cloud has changed the dynamics on how software and hardware play in these sectors. It is hard for people to come to terms on how it works, the data sovereignty and where it lies and who has access to it, plus the overall security of this data – especially being in the government sector. However, with the processes, audit trails, checks and balances, the Cloud can offer Security at an unprecedented level with optimum transparency to the departments and their heads. Plus the government sector has access to prebuilt industry specific applications, unlimited processing power based on their requirements, mobile and application development tools to enhance the citizen experience and providing more self-service through these mediums.

Informatics has always maintained a strong footprint amongst the government sector and have to date deployed many solutions; to name a few the Department of Immigration and Emigration (DIE), Department of Registration of Persons (DRP) and Registration of Motor Vehicles (RMV).” The forum was participated by decision-makers of government entities in a range of services that included oil and gas, agriculture and fisheries, education, healthcare and integrity and citizens services.