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Informatics Institute of Technology - nurtures future professionals

The Informatics Group of Companies harbours a national and international reputation as a pioneer in the software industry. The Groups’ regional presence in tailor made banking facilities, ATM services, communication solutions, Computerization of Government offices and departments and its global presence in projects in Singapore, Papua New Guinea, American Samoa, Malaysia ,Maldives etc, predicate this reputation. The Groups’ IT solutions provider, Converse Solutions and the Software Developing Company Informatics International Ltd, have aided in strengthening this prolific status.

The Groups’ professional training centre – the Informatics Institute of Technology -IIT Campus too has earned a wide reputation as a solid, professional training campus, catering to the needs of the students and producing quality graduates, to anticipate the professional world with confidence and knowledge.

Students graduating from the IIT campus are high in demand within the industry and the Groups’ technological reputation and influence carve a tremendous impact on the students. IIT students across the world have proven their adaptability to various situations and circumstances.

Their success is seen in over 2500 graduates practising globally who have steadily and surely climbed the corporate ladder. This is due to the internship period that is part of the degree offered at the IIT campus. The four year sandwich course includes a 3rd year internship programme which grants students first hand professional knowledge while ensuring a job opportunity after graduation – as most Companies hire them after their degree is achieved.

The campus is affiliated to the University of Westminster UK in terms of its study programme. It is an acclaimed modern University having won the prestigious Queen’s award for enterprise for 2 years consecutively. It recognises IIT as its International Campus. The entire degree programme is conducted parallel to that in the UK campus and students can transfer to the international campus whenever they choose to do so. Unlike other institutions, transferring doesn’t take one or two years. If students wish to transfer directly, the IIT campus will assist them in the complete transition procedure as well.

Furthermore, being the University’s international campus, IIT students have complete access to the University’s learning portals and can access their online libraries and databases. In addition, the lecturers converse with the UK university lecturers, receive feedback on their project proposals etc. The students are eligible for scholarships to read for their Master’s in the UK.

High calibre IIT lecturers with professional backgrounds and the marketing staff, administrative functions and HR policies of the campus are reviewed and inspected by the University on a continuous basis. Students are interviewed and feedback received so that a well-rounded situation report can be analyzed. The students have done the campus proud by winning the National Best Quality Software Award in 2009 and 2010 as well as the 3rd place in the Motorola competition, competing with state institutions.

Apart from the study programmes, students are also given training in personal grooming including table etiquette, dress sense, talking and greeting styles etc, projecting them to the professional field with confidence. The quality and structure of the degree leaves no void for additional training or courses before they enter the workforce.

The multi cultural atmosphere hosts students from all walks of life, lending a dynamic force to the collective environment within the campus augmented by the cultural, religious events and other festivals organised by the student union. The stagecraft events showcase multiple student talent. Students are also part of the IIT student Union and Interact clubs, which supports them in completing their CSR projects.

The campus has branches in Colombo, Kandy and Jaffna to cater to tailor made programmes for the Corporate and Government sector training and is centre for the future Kidz programme. The top of the range infrastructure in place as a campus, organisation and Group greatly benefit the campus’ plans to branch out further into the Finance sector.

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