Informatics International Wins Top Award at APICTA
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Informatics International Wins Top Award at APICTA

For over a decade, the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) Awards has promoted, encouraged and recognized innovative products & apps developed within the APAC countries. Initiated by Malaysia, it is held annually in collaboration with many other APAC economies, to seek out the crème-de-la-crème of the region’s ICT community.

Hailed as one of the prestigious ICT Awards of the APAC Region, Informatics was presented the Gold Award for their InfoID Product, under the E-Government and Services Category. This integrated solution is developed for the Department of Registration of Persons, to serve the public in a fair and efficient manner. Through easy monitoring that enables transliteration to native language, the objective was to implement the policy of issuing one National Identity Card, per person.

Informatics Group Managing Director, Hiran Wickramasinghe said “Informatics has identified a huge potential in the public sector for competitive ICT market development & has implemented a state-of-the-art module which caters cost effective solutions and provides organizations a platform to offer more efficient services whilst maintaining a competitive advantage”. He also added that Informatics has proved its capability as a leader in the ICT industry by winning the NBQSA Award for the third time whilst emerging as the APICTA Gold award winner in the government and public sector category 2015. These awards are the result of the continuous commitment of the company to provide innovative, high quality ICT solutions both locally & globally.

Deployed on 27 February 2014, InfoID has been instrumental in issuing over one million cards by re-engineering the 40 year old manual process, with a state of the art paperless work environment. Through automatic monitoring, the solution has ensured a zero backlog at the Department of Registration of Persons, and also aided the Department to maintain a corruption free working environment whilst uplifting its public perception. Equality among all citizens of the country is another advantage rendered by the solution, which has enabled the personalization of the national identity card in both native languages. The InfoID solution contains core modules that include the facilitation of registration of persons, card personalization, receipting, user management, workflow management, electronic document management system, dashboards and comprehensive reporting.

The APICTA Award also takes into account real world scenarios, where the solution benefits the end user, post implementation. As such InfoID was acknowledged for eliminating the daily average backlog of 3000 applications, which in return caused immense delays in citizens obtaining their ID cards on time. Accordingly the Depart of Registration of Persons currently processes over 1000 One-Day Service and 4000 Normal Service applications on a given day, thus maintaining an almost zero backlog status. The System also saved the Country nearly $300 million per annum that was wasted due to various errors prevalent in the National Identity Card, during the previously run manual processing period.

The products and applications recognized by APICTA are therefore enriched by positive branding, enhanced market visibility along with capital investment opportunities. Held in Colombo from 18 – 22 November 2015, this annual event provides a networking forum for all regional participants that include ICT, Business, Government and Academic Leaders from APAC economies. As such it continues to foster professional alliances and forge partnerships that will propel the region’s ICT Industry, to the next level.