Introducing the AvaBill 360 Platform for Communications Service Providers
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Introducing the AvaBill 360 Platform for Communications Service Providers

As the name suggests, it is the perfect solution to enable a comprehensive overview of real-time customer information for post-paid and pre-paid subscribers. Aptly developed to suit multiple services on multiple network platforms, the AvaBill 360 Platform is tailor-made to meet and exceed the expectations of the CSP’s Customer Relationship Stakeholders and end customers.

By providing meaningful information with better engagement and presentation, the solution comes with improved data exploration and integration. The CSP is thereby provided with up-to-date information on all post-paid and pre-paid subscribers for all services used on multiple network platforms.

The CSP’s subscribers are ensured an exceptional user experience, power-packed with unmatched functionalities along with the ability to maintain prompt response levels. Furthermore, a holistic improvement of the entire customer service operation is possible due to integration with multiple 3rd party systems.

Performance & Ease of Deployment

Supports the latest technologies and standards while providing an industry-leading level of integration with multiple 3rd party systems such as Billing, OCS/IN, VAS, Order Management, Trouble Tickets, ERP etc. Thereby eliminates the hassle of accessing different systems during customer interactions with Customer Relationship Stakeholders. Furthermore, the ability to integrate with existing 3rd party Telco systems reduces deployment risks and total cost of ownership. Result? Increased deployment speeds & decreased implementation timelines, enabling swift project closures to go live.

Sound Differentiation

Developed with the purpose of collating a large amount of data and representing it via a simple view, the Customer Relationship Stakeholders can now serve subscribers instantly and on-demand. With the exceptional speed and agility required by both the CSP and its subscriber, this unique platform displays a rich and professional User Interface with text and graphical presentation. Data is organized on Tabs and Widgets, making it possible for users to re-arrange the presentation layer as needed, in return improving business productivity and customer response time.