Introducing the Informatics KIOSK
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Introducing the Informatics KIOSK

Kiosk technology is experiencing radical growth across the Globe, thus presenting heightened opportunities for service providers to serve their clientele within a whole new paradigm.
With this noticeable growth trend, Kiosk technology is now not only more accessible but presents itself as an indispensable tool in maintaining high customer satisfaction levels.

Designed for public use as sales channels or for in-house use to disseminate traffic, Kiosks can simplify the delivery of information across multiple spheres. Informatics provides total Kiosk solutions by integrating multi component hardware functionality along with intuitive software, offering an end-to-end service within a customized framework. The HealthCare Kiosk automates a number of hospital patient interactions such as doctor channeling, bill payments, viewing and printing medical reports
and information searches. The Insurance Kiosk can provide a number of insurance services from
issuing quotations and payments to carrying out renewals, new policies and making claims. The Retail
Kiosk application will facilitate utility bill payments and advertising while the Telco Kiosk can facilitate mobile top ups, SIM card sales, payments, advertising and customer support.

Core benefits:

In catering to diverse user needs Informatics Kiosk solutions have taken another futuristic step in converging themselves across Web and Mobile technologies. Thus by building a far superior self-service channel, it can render seamless customer experiences via these unified interfaces so customers can start
the transaction from one device and complete it in another.