The emergence of a hybrid model and public-private partnerships (PPPs)
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The emergence of a hybrid model and public-private partnerships (PPPs)

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Digital transformation integrates digital technology in different aspects of life. Although it is often associated with how companies apply IT in their business practices, governments can benefit from technological integrations too.
The groundwork for digitizing government has been laid out for years, but the transformation only truly took root in the past couple of years. As the world was forced indoors, governments needed to adapt and ensure citizens could still access their services.
This has underscored and accelerated the demand for e-government software solutions.

Public-Private Partnerships and Government Services

The concept of public-private partnerships has always been present in any country. It is evident when government agencies hire private construction companies to build new bridges, schools, and hospitals. But it is also present when private firms finance capital-intensive government projects.
A government agency decides what needs to be done, shop around for suppliers and contractors, and hire the one that best fits the project vision with the most competitive rates. The contractors will build what is asked while the government agency ensures that the outcome complies with their design and standards.
After finishing the project and paying the debt in full, the partnership is, in essence, severed. The private company does not own the building they built and no longer has any connection with the project unless they are rehired to perform repairs and maintenance. However, that is no longer the case.

Hybrid Public-Private Partnerships and E-Government Services

Public-private partnerships, especially in e-government services, are more collaborative. The most appropriate firm is hired, assisting with identifying problems and outlining possible solutions.
The private firm is still in charge of building the infrastructure, and the government agency still oversees them. However, the company will train agency staff to use the system and still be on board to ensure that everything is up and running.
In this sense, the hybrid partnership prevalent today is a true partnership between states and the private sector. It is no longer a matter of procurement but a professional relationship that aims to improve the citizenry’s public services.

Private Sector-Provided E-Government Services

As the private and public sectors cooperate to identify services that must be digitized, the private sector has refined its services to accommodate the government’s software needs. It gave rise to creating a range of digital services catering to the efficient processing of government documents and services.
Here are a few e-government software solutions using hybrid cloud computing for faster and more cost-efficient service delivery:
InfoID: Software for national ID card services
InfoBorder: Software for border security and management of immigration services
InfoROC: Software for company registrations
InfoCAS: Software for case management systems
InfoWBS: Software on streamlining welfare benefit systems
InfoMotor: Software for vehicle registration and licensing
InfoPTS: Software for public transport system management


Digital transformation has been the buzzword for the longest time. While businesses readily transform themselves to stay ahead of technologies, governments remain conservative and set on their way. But recent world events fast-tracked government digitalization, giving rise to a hybrid public-private partnership along the way.
According to the Asian Development Bank, emerging technologies improve government effectiveness in various ways. Technologies, like e-government software solutions, help curb corruption, enhance private sector competitiveness, and make the delivery of public goods and services more efficient and accessible.
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Written by Daniele Paoletti