Why Technology Agnostic Selection Is Key to More Sustainable Border Control Systems
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Why Technology Agnostic Selection Is Key to More Sustainable Border Control Systems

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With access to a wide variety of border control systems and tools on the market, it is easy to pick one that looks great during its demo. However, what one sees on the demo might not be exactly what you’re getting; after all, this is usually curated content that’s designed to hook you in! In other words, doing a little more than going through with the demo is a must to ensure the right border control solution is picked for any use.

One of the best things you can do is reach out to a technology-agnostic (unbiased) partner to choose the right solution for you. Here’s why:

1. They are problem solvers

You may be hunting down for the best coders and software creators out there, but if they are not problem solvers, the chances are that your goals will still not be met. This is a problem that a tech agnostic partner can solve! They look out for experts who have the mind and creativity to solve problems. Sure, licenses and certifications are still important—but by guaranteeing that those experts understand the underlying need, they can develop the technology you need in accordance with your specifications.

2. They focus on the big picture

Many vendors out there will offer their solution, regardless if it only partially satisfies your needs. Some will even force you to involve their product as the core of their package!

While this might seem to be an easy solution, you will quickly find yourself limited when integrating with other applications and technologies. A tech-agnostic partner will not have this problem, simply because they can see the big picture of your needs. This means they will involve applications and even other partners they believe will help to achieve your goals perfectly. This ensures that data can be integrated no matter the platform they provide, making life a lot easier.

3. They can develop solutions based on your goals

You will have different priorities based on your unique needs, which can differ greatly from other entities. Unfortunately, many technological solutions out there are geared towards a one-size-fits-all mindset. If you were to use those types of solutions, the chances are that your needs will not be fully satisfied.

A tech agnostic partner solves this problem for you by putting effort into developing a solution that’s based on your priorities. They will also work within your scope, budget, and other restraints to ensure that you get the exact solution you require without breaking the bank!

4. They can easily adapt to your current technology

There are a wide variety of technologies in the market today, some much newer than others. Unfortunately, as technology evolves, the gap between what was made today and what is going to be made in a few years can be big—not to mention that many vendors will be creating software to create their own ecosystem. If you were relying on a vendor, the chances are that you will be locked into their offerings, unable to use other technologies simply because your current system is simply incompatible.

A tech agnostic partner ensures this isn’t the case, offering a solution that allows you to be independent of any specific vendor. This allows you to implement multiple competitive products without expensive changes to integrate these new solutions!


All in all, a technology-agnostic partner is an unbiased friend of yours, working hard to find and create solutions based on your needs to ensure your goals are met while limiting any downfalls you may face. If you haven’t considered hiring a tech-agnostic partner yet, then do so right away! The earlier you get to work with one, the quicker your solution will be created—allowing you to get back to business carrying out border control with the help of finely integrated technologies to support your activities to the fullest of productivity.

Informatics are specialists in infrastructure solutions and services, focusing on custom software development to help anyone achieve their goals with the latest technology. If you are looking for an e-government software solution to create a sustainable border control system, work with us today!

Written by Daniele Paoletti