The COVID-19 crisis and Informatics’ responsibility to its customers
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The COVID-19 crisis and Informatics’ responsibility to its customers

As the world continues to wrestle with the uncertainty of COVID-19, we at Informatics are committed to offering continuity of our services to support your business both locally and globally.

Over the several decades that we’ve been in business, we’ve conquered diverse challenges while offering 24×7 mission-critical support for several critical government departments, insurance and other industries offering services to the citizens.

In this time of crisis, we understand that now more than ever, your business may need to respond to unprecedented demands as you continue operations. Informatics is here for you and will continue to provide the crucial support you need to sustain operations and meet these challenges.

As the situation evolves, the Informatics team is constantly observing it and is operating per guidelines published by local health authorities across the globe. We are continuously assessing the situation and will respond appropriately to ensure our operations continue uninterrupted while ensuring the safety of all.

The health of all our stakeholders remains a key priority to us Informatics. Being in the software and systems integration industry, Informatics belongs to one of the few industries capable to withstand an epidemic of this sort. Already, we’ve adopted several measures to mitigate the spread of the virus. We quickly initiated remote working measures to ensure the wellbeing of our employees, which also allows them to continue their day to day business operations and support our customers.

Informatics maintains a robust business continuity management program. Individual business units across Informatics have already activated contingency plans to ensure continuity of operations.

Our business continuity plans allow crucial processes and customer support to operate without interruption. With these measures in place, Informatics remains committed to meeting the requirement of our customers and partners.

In this time of uncertainty, we will continue to support you. If you have any questions, please reach out to your local Informatics team.