The Role Smart Payments Can Play for Insurance
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The Role Smart Payments Can Play for Insurance

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With more smart payment options becoming accessible to businesses and consumers alike, more opportunities are being created in the e-commerce world. This phenomenon has allowed the global e-commerce industry to hit numbers unimaginable, proving that online sales and the likes are here to stay.

That being said, there is one industry that has avoided innovative payment solutions: the insurance industry. Insurers have not effectively tied their offerings with smart payment systems because they rely heavily on outdated systems. Factors like the time it takes banks to notify payment failures and bank detail processing times can slow down said services.

Are you an insurance firm looking to grow your online presence? Here are some reasons you need to replace your old payment solutions with new ones

1. Better access to customization

Customers are always on the lookout for a custom experience. They want something that meets their needs and satisfies their requirements. For instance, customers are frequently on the lookout for language options so they can set a website’s language to one with which they are familiar.

With smart payment options, this type of flexibility and customization is possible. It allows customers to make instant payments in the way with which they are most comfortable, using their preferred currency. This ensures the experience is stress-free, motivating individuals to pay for insurance without dealing with foreign currency.

2. Smooth payment experiences

The entire journey of buying something should be smooth and consistent. However, another factor to be considered is cancellations or refunds, where the experience should still be the same. This ensures that customers feel like you are on their side—that you are ready to provide them a quick and easy refund.

Depending on the industry, time may also be of the essence. For instance, those who are traveling will need travel insurance. They would also want policies they can instantly replace should something change at one point in their journey.

3. Boosts business

For some customers, the one obstacle that stopped them from purchasing a product is that the payment option they are familiar with was not available. Another reason could be that they could not use the solutions offered by the website. For instance, not every country has access to PayPal. Some places like Taiwan makes it extremely hard for users to use it. If you offer PayPal only for your products, you might end up hindering some purchases.

By offering various smart payment solutions like e-wallet payments, debit, and credit cards, you can increase the chances of providing a solution your customers want. This can motivate them to complete the purchase, leading to more sales and fewer online shopping carts filled to the brim then forgotten.


Put simply, smart payments in the insurance industry can result in a customer-centric and consistent experience. Customers always watch out for these factors when looking to purchase anything online, from groceries to insurance. Be sure to start implementing smart payment options for your firm as soon as you can. This way, your business can maximize its online presence and capture its audience with innovative payment solutions!

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Written by Daniele Paoletti