What are the Accelerators for Public Digital Transformation?
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What are the Accelerators for Public Digital Transformation?

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Digital transformation occurs when an organization adopts new technologies and ideas to achieve long-lasting business goals that result in a competitive advantage. Digital transformation is an essential part of a public sector’s ongoing public service; it enables them to improve the way public sector agencies work and interact with citizens. Public digital transformation is not only about technology; it is also about transforming processes to benefit everyone, from public servants to citizens.

Today, let’s dive into the accelerators for public digital transformation. Here’s what you need to know:

Process Improving Systems

Digital transformation emphasizes a shift in how public sector organizations and agencies perform their activities. Public digital transformation’s potential is considered a competitive advantage over private sector businesses. As the public sector is becoming more and more competitive, businesses are starting to invest in public digital transformation.

As an example, the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) demonstrated the power of using digital technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public services. There are many examples of public digital transformation initiatives across the region, such as the initiative between the Dubai Future Foundation and the Dubai Municipality that aims to strengthen the partnership with the private sector.

Another example of public digital transformation is cloud-based technologies to improve public services for a country’s citizens and businesses.


Automation refers to the automation of processes, which will produce a more efficient, effective, and sustainable outcome. Public digital transformation projects focus on improving the efficiency of public sector agencies, which includes automation.

For example, automation can reduce the amount of time spent on data entry by public sector agencies. When we talk about public sector digital transformation, we talk about the concept of digitization. Digitization is a digital technology for creating, storing, transmitting, and using information.

Cloud-Based Technology

Public sector digital transformation initiatives can also be supported by cloud-based technologies, which enable public sector agencies to perform tasks more quickly and efficiently than before. The cloud-based technology also reduces IT infrastructure costs, which improves and optimizes the cost efficiency of public sector agencies.

While most public sector agencies are still in their initial stages of developing the cloud, it is believed that cloud-based technology will become a standard for the delivery of public services.


DevOps is a development strategy that allows developers to commit to continuous changes to the system. Public sector agencies can benefit from DevOps as they can speed up the process of development, track any changes that are made over time, and understand how these changes affect the final product. DevOps also automates the software deployment processes and uses the newest technology for public sector agencies to work efficiently.

With DevOps’ help, public sector agencies can provide higher quality services for citizens and businesses by streamlining productivity.


Public sector digital transformation must be done in the safest manner possible. While the digital market is growing rapidly, the public sector cannot keep up with the rapid developments. The government will be focused on educating the public and working with private partners as they move towards a digital future, which includes implementing the latest security standards and strategies.

To build a trusted and safe digital experience, the public sector must work with experts who can help them enhance digital security and to provide their citizens with the highest security standards.

The Bottom Line

Digital transformation can significantly impact the public sector, and it can have major benefits for users and businesses.

The public sector digital transformation accelerators are essential components that help public sector agencies to launch and accelerate digital transformation. These accelerators include process improvement systems, automation, cloud-based technology, DevOps, and digital security.

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Written by Hiran Wickramasinghe