What Most People Don’t Know About the Border Control Agency
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What Most People Don’t Know About the Border Control Agency

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People travel around the world daily, and for many travellers, the process of entering and leaving a country is simple. However, one may not realise the need to know the movement of people inside the country. In a natural disaster such as a Tsunami, this is greatly felt.

Fortunately, there are solutions out there that can keep a historical record of visitors places visited much easier, such as a Visitor Management System.

What is a Visitor Management System?

From the name, you might believe that a Visitor Management System is a solution that can help you track your visitors. A Visitor Management System is any process that records the whereabouts of the visitor from the time s/he enters premises, till the time s/he exits the place. For companies, this could mean customers, job applicants, cleaning service people, the CEO’s children, and more. In the case of border control, this covers foreigners travelling into the country from the time s/he clears immigration and steps into the country until the point s/he clears immigration and departs from the country.

It can be as basic as a sign-in sheet, but that is not recommended for border control. Fortunately, modern Visitor Management Systems utilise technology that allows all of these things to be done digitally, making recording and tracking much simpler.

What are the benefits of using a Visitor Management System?

There are a ton of benefits of an advanced Visitor Management System, not only for the country but also for visitors, their respective embassies etc.

The most obvious benefit offered by such systems is quickly ascertaining whether a foreigner is affected during a natural disaster, locating them & taking evacuation measures. Knowing who steps in and out of the country also allows you to closely track the movement of different individuals. After all, such agencies must keep public safety in mind. With a Visitor Management System, this is made easier.

Along with that, controlling who enters the agency’s building is also a must. It can help ensure the traveller’s visit the right location & meet the right people.

Apart from disaster management, other benefits like security, improving brand image and boosting office productivity are the benefits to be enjoyed from Visitor Management Systems. For instance, by keeping track of visitors, the security can reduce the interruptions in the office, allowing them to stay productive without getting distracted by visitors. As for improving brand image, simply having a Visitor Management System running proves that you are a professional company. This gives people a great first impression of the company as one that is trustworthy.


In summary, a Visitor Management System allows you to keep track of visitors whereabouts easily. Whether you want to ensure only your staff enters specific parts of your buildings or you want to keep track of who is who for security reasons, such a system can help you do so quickly and easily. If you are a company that frequently experiences visits from non-employees, having a system is a must. After all, it’s not just for the safety of the visitors, but the residents as well—whether it is an organisation or an entire country.

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Written by Daniele Paoletti