Branch Bulk Cash Recycler
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Branch Bulk Cash Recycler

P5800L is a compact size cash recycling solution, which enables flexible settings of deposit, withdrawal and recycling configuration. It reduces CIT cost with real time cash management and accurate authentication ability. P5800L is an ideal solution for bank branches and retailers, where heavy cash transactions take place.

Optimized Configuration
Flexibly configurable to cash deposit only, dispensing only, cash deposit and dispensing or cash recycling. Easily meets requirements of different transaction regulations and networks.

Unrivalled Innovation
GRG Self-developed Note Recognition Technology has passed the most authoritative cash processing certifications including ECB & RCB.

Premier Security
UL291 Level 1 safe box, built-in fraud resistant card-reader, optional vibration alarm and remote monitoring software solution ensure a secure transaction environment. PCI EPP is available on P5800L, which is suitable for self-service applications.