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Full Function ATM

GRGBanking’s full function ATMs offer you unparalleled performance and flexibility, with rich functionalities including high-capacity banknote dispensing, intelligent cash and check deposit, envelope deposit, barcode scanning, statement printing, and other value-added functionalities. Not only does it carry out self-service transactions that are popular today, but the series also has a modular design that makes it easy for your any future upgrade. The H34N series is your smart choice of full function ATMs that will help you hit your targets and achieve greater success.

High Reliability and Outstanding Performance
The H34N series keeps serving your customers with a wide range of transactions under all weather conditions.Built-in anti-skimming solution, security cameras and DVR guarantee a more secure transaction environment. With high capacity and outstanding performance, the H34N series is designed to easily meet requirement at scenarios with high transaction volumes.

Intelligent Deposit
The integrated cash and check acceptor supports cash and check mixed deposit, delivering fast and reliable deposit transactions for any scenario with high check and cash volume. Supports checks in both E13-B and CMC-7 standards, check endorsement.

Flexible Scalability
With the unrivaled level of functionalities and flexible configuration, the H34N series delivers value-added services like utility payment, card top-up, coin dispensing and statement printing. These new applications will extend normal banking channels and can be used to generate extra income for 3rd party payment solution providers. Customization to your ideal configuration can be easily achieved on the H34N series to realize the full potential of your strategies.