Smart Embosser Machine
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Smart Embosser Machine

The Smart Embosser Machine (SEM) is an intelligent terminal designed to expedite the card issuance process. This solution can be integrated with bank card application systems to provide customers with a smooth experience when issuing new cards. Because this solution can both print and emboss characters, banks can decide to use this machine for all kinds of banking cards.

Assisted Self-Service
Customers can apply for cards online or through other application terminals. Once approved, authentication can be done with the SEM for customers to print their new cards immediately.

Increased customer throughput
Gone are the days where customers must wait several days to receive their new bank cards. Instead, the process can be streamlined at all bank branches reducing the need for counter services, which also lowers operational costs.

Customizable Card Printing Options
Banks no longer need 3rd party services to pre-print bank cards. Our standard SEM can support double-sided designs, printing, and embossing on blank white bank cards.