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Bulk Cash recycler

The P5500L is GRGBanking’s latest branch bulk cash recycler, which is integrated with GRGBanking’s latest recycling technology. The fast cash processing speed and scalability of the P5500L makes it an ideal terminal for modern branches. The P5500L not only transfers cash services from the teller to a self-servicing solution, but also some key financial services, like bank statement printing and card issuing, which helps branches provide more automated and efficient financial services within the branch.

Flexible Configuration
Configurable with A4 printers, card or u-key issuers, biometrics solutions, NFCs, barcode readers, which can easily meet the requirements of different scenarios.

Unrivalled Innovation
GRG’s self-developed note recognition and cash recycling technology massively boosts the efficiency and security of daily cash processing.

Premier Security
UL291 Level 1 safe box, with a built-in fraud resistant card-reader, optional vibration alarm and remote monitoring software solution to ensure a secure environment for every transaction.