Compact Sorting Machine
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Compact Sorting Machine

CM100VN, newest asset to GRG’s sorting products family, to adapt development trends of sorting business, its design was altered. Not only does it inherit traits from former generation but also developed its own new ones. Give priority to productivity & cost, with due consideration to maintenance. Its targeted customers vary from retail market to bank branch, and its enhanced multi-currency will be an attractive preposition.

Optimized User Experience
– 4.3-inch touch screen and interactive operation make the interaction more convenient and instinctive;
– Innovative compact design generates more stable, smaller, lighter new devices;
– Adequate external interfaces, including USB, RS-232 and LAN, make it flexible to connect with external devices like LCD and printer, integrate with background system;
– Brand-new noisy control technology effectively decreases the noise.

Convenient Maintenance
– Improved fully open transport channel design leaves no dead end and makes it easier to restore from any jam;
– Groundbreaking thickness design allows fully open maintenance;
– Support remote update and diagnosis (optional, cooperated with management system).