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Compact Cash Recycler

i58 Cash Recycler is a newly designed Cash Recycler developed by GRGBanking. Featured with cost effectiveness, easy-maintenance, high-security, improved stability by using brand-new Cash Processing Module, i58 meets various cash processing demands by enhancing human-computer interaction and user experience.

Cash recycling for multi-denominations
● Full image scanning of banknotes
● 50% faster processing speed, 60% less failure rate with new cash processing module

Flexible Deployment & Easy Maintenance
● Compact size, 40% less floor space, more flexible to deploy
● Modular design, an open-way for maintenance, more convenient
● Visual guidance interface for maintenance, easy to identify problem and operate

Comprehensive Security Design
● New cash loading mode, fully monitored and recorded the cash loading process
● Banknote Series Number Tracking System, fast locate suspicious banknotes
Anti-skimming Card Reader
UL291 safe